There are many components when training to improve speed.  Strength Training is a way to help amplify your Speed Training results.  Here are 3 strength exercises that will help you Maximize Your Potential!


Olympic Lifts and Plyometric Variations:

This is one of the most difficult groups of exercises the teach properly and it’s so important to teach in proper progression so that the athlete has proper technique. If taught correctly these exercises will amplify the athletes lower body power tremendously. Improving Vertical Jump, Acceleration & Speed. Examples of exercises: Power Clean, DB Snatch, Box Jumps, Depth Jumps.

Unilateral/Bi Lateral Lower Body Variations:
These exercises improve large muscle groups that directly correlate to speed improvement, glutes, hamstrings and core. Proper technique and progressions are a must. Example of exercises: Front Squats, Lunges and Back Squats.
Posterior Chain Exercises:
Your Posterior Chain is the group of muscles that starts at the bottom of your feet and goes up your calves, to hamstrings, glutes and up your back. To produce more force which is a major component to speed improvement, you have to make sure this group of muscles are stable and strong. Examples of exercises: Hip Lifts, RDL’s and Stability Ball Push Up Bridges.
These Strength Exercises along with Speed Training will take your performance to the next level.  Click Below To Schedule Your FREE Training Session Today!
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