At Sharp Elite Nutrition, we believe that all athletes deserve the highest quality supplements to support their health and fitness goals.  We are committed to providing you the latest in innovative products that will help you go harder, recovery faster, and achieve optimal results in your training.  Whether you are here to support an active lifestyle or you are days away from your next major competition – we have you covered!

The Summertime is a great opportunity to make huge strides towards your goals and improving your limiting factors. Nutrition is a key component to maximizing your training and recovery.  With the proper diet and the supplementation from Sharp Elite Nutrition, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be at your best when your best is needed!  Below is a sample meal and supplement schedule that can guide you on the frequency and types of foods to eat.

9am-Wake Up Take Your Vita-Sharp Multivitamin and Fish Oil

9:30-Eat A Complete Breakfast

11am-Eat A Small Snack & Drink Sharp Whey Protein


12pm-Eat Lunch(Lean Protein and Healthy Carbs)

 1:30pm-Pre Work-out Snack and Sharp Endurance Energized Amino Acids


 4pm-Take Your Sharp Recovery BCAA's & Sharp Whey Protein Post Workout Shake


 10:15p-Late Snack: Sharp Whey Protein Shake & Healthy Cereal 


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