The human body is incredibly adaptable. We are a constant evolving species. When worked properly the human body constantly adapts and gets stronger. It’s an amazing thing.  That being said your training always needs to privide you with enough stimulus so that you are constantly growing and getting stronger.  

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The S.A.I.D Principle


The SAID principle is one of the most important basic concepts in sport science. It states that the human body adapts specifically to imposed demands put on it. So instead of wearing down from training the body adapts and you can get bigger, stronger and faster if done properly.

Physical Examples of S.A.I.D.


When working a specific muscle group, not only are the muscles effected but the surrounding structures respond by thickening and hardening the bones and tendons as well. Ex. Arms getting bigger and stronger from curls.

Neural Examples of S.A.I.D.


The most important adaptations happen in your brain when learning new motor skills. There are structural changes that take place in the brain when practicing. Ex. Speed training: When you work the proper specific movement patterns, that part of the brain that controls your coordination actually grows larger.

Super Compensation


Super Compensation is the post training period during which the athlete has a higher performance capacity than it did prior to the training period. Fitness levels in the human body can be broken down into four phases: Initial fitness levels, over reaching(or pushing the athlete through training without putting them in overtraining zone), recovery & super compensation.

Parameters of Training Phases


There are proper parameters in each of the phases that maximizes the desired training effect. Example if you do not push the athlete hard enough through the over reaching phase then that will damper the effects that you elicit in the super compensation phase. The more advanced the athlete becomes the more sensitive they are and the more detailed oriented you need to be with their training.

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